Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Artcurial at Le Mans Classic 2010 July 9, 2010

The Artcurial | Briest - Poulain - F. Tajan Vintage Automobiles Department is starting a new chapter in the story of this leading branch with the creation of the brand name: Artcurial Motorcars, initiated by Matthieu Lamoure, the department’s director.

The new Artcurial Motorcars team is also joined by specialist Pierre Novikoff, consultant Frédéric Stoesser and administrator Iris Hummel, and is thrilled to announce the upcoming auction on the 9th of July at Le Mans Classic 2010, of which Artcurial is the exclusive partner.

I like the Matra MS 650, 1969: Here are some of the facts found on www.sportcardigest.com

Three Matra 650s were built: 01-02-03. The 650 is probably the most sought after and important sports “barchetta” from Matra. Contrary to the later 660s and 670s, the 650 is the only one which can be driven on the road and thus is fully eligible at events like the Tour de France and Le Mans Classic.

At the end of its racing career, Matra MS650-01 (without engine) was presented by Jean-Luc Lagardère to a painter who lived in the South of France. Some years later, it was bought by David Piper who fitted a Ford engine and a Hewland gearbox and participated in some historic events. Piper swapped later with Matra a BRM engine, like the one fitted to the Matra 620 and 630, for a Matra 676 V12 engine.

David Piper sold Matra 650-01 to the present owner who was lucky enough to get from a former Matra employee an almost complete MS12 engine which will be delivered with the car as well as the original ZF gearbox of 650-01. The car will be sold with all the necessary parts for racing and a second incomplete dismantled MS 12 engine with its FIA certification.

Read more: http://www.sportscardigest.com/matra-ms650-video-and-photo-gallery/#ixzz0qGjeKe96