Thursday, May 27, 2010

F1 comes to Austin Texas

Herman Tilke will be the one in charge of designing the track. Supposedly the track will take some design from such famous tracks as Silverstone and Spa. But why not make something different, challenging, and fast. The site of the track in Austin is great because it is the capitol of Texas, but also a good mid point for people to travel to since it is close to the middle of the country.
Austin is not the flattest place which will make for great elevation changes on the track. Tracks like Mid Ohio are famous because of their elevation being a difficult challenge.
The money for this place is coming from the Texas Major Events Trust Fund. This organization helps reimburse cities for the money they spent to host a major sporting event. Supposedly, a requested $200 million is needed to complete the project, and will host facilities to help come up with alternative fuels.
Cannot wait to go to a race in Austin.