Thursday, March 25, 2010

Florida Film Festival Racing Documentary

As a person who love documentary film I am looking forward to seeing this at the Florida Film Festival...

Racing Dreams

USA, 2009
96 MIN

Where are tomorrow’s NASCAR drivers? If they’re tweeners, they might be flying around a track at 70 mph in the World Kart Association National Pavement Series. RACING DREAMS, named Tribeca Film Fest’s Best Documentary, spotlights three young drivers as they balance a need for speed with adolescence, sponsorship concerns, parental desires, and the financial burdens of regular racing (estimated at $5,000/race by one adult). There’s Josh, a savvy 12 year-old who studies NASCAR pros squeezing in sponsor mentions during interviews; 13 year-old Brandon, battling aggression issues on and off the track; and Annabeth, a coltish 11 year-old increasingly curious about life beyond racing and crushing hard on Brandon. Through brilliant editing, the film makes the convoluted world of racing understandable (and exciting) to non-NASCAR fans, and Academy-Award nominated director Marshall Curry (Street Fight) excels in capturing personal moments—the post-race football game and picnic, the awkward long-distance phone calls between Annabeth and Brandon, the spooky reappearance of Brandon’s ex-con dad. Wholesome but never bland, RACING DREAMS is essential viewing for any family experiencing or wondering about the joys and burdens of raising a super-talented child—be they kart racer, golfer, tennis player, or whatever.

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