Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Audi A8 Hybrid Part Hybrid plastic/metal composites

The lower beam of the front end of the new Audi A8 is the high-end proving ground for a new organic plastic sheet developed by plastics and chemicals supplier Lanxess. Hybrid plastic/metal composites have become firmly established in the automotive industry for the manufacture of lightweight, high-strength structural parts such as front ends, pedal support brackets and brake pedals.

Lanxess's polyamide-based organo-hybrid structure used on this Audi front end
All-polyamide hybrid structures would be easier to recycle,lighter in weight, and allow for greaterdesign freedom.

This new structure, though, is trying to keep all of the benefits of established plastic/metal ones, such as lightweight combined with high strength and stiffness, while doing away with the metal.