Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tesla Motors update

Telsa posted this update about the individuals killed in the plane crash on their website:

Tesla employees Doug Bourn, Brian Finn and Andrew Ingram died in yesterday’s plane crash in East Palo Alto. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with their families. Tesla is a small, tightly-knit company and this is a tragic loss for us.

Doug Bourn, 56, was a senior electrical engineer and a five-year employee of the company. He was deeply involved in many aspects of the Roadster program and was generous with his time, serving as a mentor and friend to many of us. He loved to fly and was a flight instructor.

Brian Finn, 42, was a senior interactive electronics manager with Tesla since July of 2008. He brought overriding optimism and a pioneering spirit to the team developing the groundbreaking infotainment screen and user interface for the Model S. Brian was devoted to using technology to bring the car and its driver together.

Andrew Ingram, 31, was an electrical engineer with Tesla for two and a half years. He was passionate about electronics and exquisite audio systems, and was eager to lend a hand wherever it was needed, from marketing to manufacturing.

Doug, Brian, and Andrew were valued members of the Tesla family. They worked on something they believed in, and they are already missed.

Our sympathies go out to their families both personal and Tesla.