Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lighter weight turbocharger air duct

Turbocharger air duct made from PPS

Röchling Automotive, Northern Italy in collaboration with the Celanese subsidiary Ticona has developed a turbocharger air duct by using polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) materials i.e. Fortron™ grades from Ticona for the Volkswagen Golf TDI vehicles. They have selected a 30% glass fiber reinforced PPS (i.e. Fortron™ FX4330T7) to produce the molded clamps and a 15% glass fiber reinforced PPS (i.e. Fortron™ 1115L0) to manufacture the blow molded duct. In fact the clamps are molded within the blow molding tool using the JectBonding process, a new in-mold assembly process. According to Röchling, this new turbocharger air duct is 30% lighter and offers 25% cost savings when compared with the previous version.