Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Video at Sebring with Chin Motorsports

Last week, Chin Motorsports had a track day open to the members of Chin on January 3, 2010 at Sebring Raceway in Sebring Florida. The temperature was a bit under 45, and everyone was bundled up. The cars needed a few laps to warm up the tires and get the engine running smoothly. As it being the first time driving on the famous track, I had expected a chunky, rough, fast track, at least that's what everyone told me to expect.

Granted there are some cracks and not perfectly smooth pavement, but I had such a great time on it! A few people had told me, "you are lucky if something on your car doesn't break or have pieces of your car fall off." So ultimately I was nervous, especially since the car I would be driving is 28 years old and dead stock except for the new exhaust.

Chin Motorsports ran a great event that weekend. Only one person had put their car into the wall trying to throttle a new Z06 through a turn. Other than that, there were some great cars out pushing the limits. Anything from a 78' Targa to a 2009 Spyker was seen that day, but the most impressive were the tracked out Ferrari's and Porsche's.

At Chin events, the object is to become a better driver and having the most fun possible. All hand signals are covered thoroughly in the classes and videos were talked through to help educate so the day would go by without incidents.

Chase taking laps at Sebring with Chin Motorsports in January 2010