Friday, November 27, 2009

Winshield for X-Bow

Innovative windscreen for sports car
ISPA - Nov 26, 2009

The German plastic part manufacturer, Plastic-Design, the Austrian automaker, KTM and also the Bayvision automotive glazing team of the German material producer, Bayer MaterialScience have joined forces to develop an innovative thermoplastic windscreen for the latest KTM sports car available under the trade name X-Bow. This new windscreen is made from a grey-tinted polycarbonate (PC) grade i.e. Makrolon™ AG2677 from Bayer MaterialScience. It is a complex 3D wind deflector, being 110 cm long and 27 cm wide. It includes a curved section that angles up to create the wind deflector, together with a rounded upper edge for safety. This PC-based windscreen is 40% lighter than the same made from glass.