Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Upsetting News Tony George Resigned

Some upseting news for some has happened in the racing world. Since 1990, there has been a great man at the helm of the Indianapolis Speedway. His name is Tony George. Over the last two centuries, Tony has excited millions of people with the IndyCar Series.

The Indy Racing League will now have to become financially viable on its own because George isn't leading the way anymore. He was helping fund alot of what we see in the IRL from IMS.

George has three sisters that voted him off his high chair so yesterday he resigned as CEO of IMS. Some say he was loosing control of the spending in the IRL, making deals that should be made, but will Indy be better without him?

Well he isn't totally gone. He is still on the Board of Directors of all the companies and will have some say in what happens, but there is a new CEO and that man is Jeffrey G Belskus. Belskus was the executive vice president and chief financial officer, and will be taking the big chair soon. Hulman George (one of Tony's sisters) this that Jeffrey will do a great job in the years to come

People believe that George's move was a good one because now is a good time for him to really focus on his team ownership of Vision Racing. Vision just took 13th thanks to their driver Carpenter at Richmond Interrnational Raceway.

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