Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ferrari team on edge

The Ferrari team has been on edge the last few days since Felipe Massa suffered a very tragic crash last week. A spring from Rubens Barrichello's car during Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying had hit Massas' head so hard, it dazed him enough to travel off the track, through the sand, but he came to right before he hit the wall because you could see the brakes try to stop the car right before impact.
Massa's car was just a hunk of metal after impact. He stayed in the car for quite a while before being flown to a local hospital for head surgery. As he was leaving the track, he was moving his arms which was a good sign. The doctors had to fix two fractures in his skull, but they say he will walk again and is making good progress.
Ferrari now has a decision to make for who is gonna be the next driver. Michael Schumacher could be one of the drivers to be but he has been retired for a couple of years now so we shall see who they choose to carry the team to victory.