Monday, June 29, 2009

Shelby GT500

Ford and Carroll Shelby have a pretty darn fast car, the Shelby GT500. This mean car has 540hp and 510lbs of tourque. But Carroll had something else planned for this street car. He now has a Shelby GT500 Super Snake that pulls out an amazing 725hp. But depending which supercharger you choose you can get 630hp or that powerful 725hp. With an upgrade to the supercharger, intercooler, cold-air intake, radiator, and a JBA unit this baby is gonna fly.

The Super Snake package also comes with a bigger hood scoop, and nice Super Snake 20-incch rimes with Perilli P-Zero tires. To help keep this mosnter under contol, they upgraded the suspension and also put Baer 6-piston calipers with cross-drilled rotors at all four points.

With the racing strips, the carbon fiber guages and custom stiching on the head rests this beautiful machine only cost $29,495 for the 630hp and $33,495 for the 725hp. That includes labor and parts at Ford. The Shelbly makers will be ready to build your car in August.